Elementary School Lessons

These lessons are designed for elementary school but may easily be used for middle school.

Elementary.1.1 Role Played Government On Parade
- Students research jobs performed by local government and "dress up"  like these public servants for a parade around school.  

Elementary.2.1 What Does it Mean to be a Responsible Community Member? 
- A story based lesson in which Matthew has a bad first day of 2nd grade and learns about being a responsible community member.

- Students are asked to create an action plan to improve their school.

Elementary.3.1 Larry the Lion is Loose
- Larry the Lion has escaped from a circus. Students learn how all four types of local government cooperate to keep students and Larry safe.

Elementary.4.1 James Gets Involved
-Based on a common ELL story. This lesson explores how one person can make a difference in the community.

These lessons can be adapted for many grade levels

Multi-Grade.1.1 Local Government on Parade Lesson Plan
- Teacher guide for using the Parade Slide Show.

Multi-Grade.1.2 Local Government on Parade Slide Show
- A set of slides designed to introduce students to all four types of local government from typical parade entries.

Multi-Grade.2.1 Americans Trust Local Government
- A quick introduction to American attitudes about local government based on a Gallup Poll video report.

Multi-Grade.3.1 Municipal Government: Mayor v. City Manager Systems
- A comparison of the two major types of city government in Colorado.

Multi-Grade.4.1 Local Leader Classroom Visit Kit
- A set of materials (lessons, dos and don'ts, contact ideas) for hosting a successful visit from local leaders.

Multi-Grade.4.2 Leaders in the Classroom - A Contiuum of Ideas
- Ideas for connecting kids and leaders - some as easy as an email, others more complex (such as youth councils).

Multi-Grade.5.1 Peakville Needs a Recreation Center Local Government Simulation
- Lesson plans for a role played simulation involving all four types of local government in making decisions concerning a recreation center for a city.

Multi-Grade.5.2 Peakville Needs a Recreation Center Slides
- Materials for conducting the simulation in the classroom.

Multi-Grade.6.1. Local Government: The Basics
- Descriptions of the structure and purposes of all four types of local government.

Multi-Grade.7.1 Lessons on Local Government Links 2013
- Lessons, references, and staff development resources

Multi-Grade.8.1 Picturing America Lesson Plan
- Art as a window to local government

Multi-Grade.8.2 Picturing America Slide Show
- A set of slides designed to demonstrate how art depicts government in America

Multi-Grade.9.1 faKebook Pages for Local Government
- Developing fake Facebook pages for local governments, officials, and/or programs to introduce students to a variety of positions and jobs in local government

Multi-Grade.9.2 fakebook Pages for Local Government template
- Assistance in developing fake Facebook pages for local government

Multi-Grade.10.1 Local Government is Safe, Clean, Fun, Smart, and Helpful
- Use power words to explore how the family of local governments works for you. Surf local government websites to find policies, programs, and people serving the community.

Multi-Grade.11.1 Asking Quality Questions
- Students learn to ask informed, thoughtful, and civically polite questions of leaders

Links and Resources

Local Government Sites
 - Quick access to all the local governments in your area.  Use these links to find local leaders and officials, policies, programs, issues, and budget information.

News Sources
- Links to all kinds of media sources where a quick search can turn up articles and commentary about local government leaders, issues, programs, and policies.

Online Activities for Students and Teachers